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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sunrise 7:24: Wildlife gives Clario a work out

Continuing to take advantage of the wonders of walking in winter - especially after another overnight rain - the female Dawn Jogger headed out to Edgewood County Park, a place she last visited sometime in 1990 (well before Cassie appeared and the need for trails where dogs are allowed). It's not a particularly spectacular park, given all the nearby options, but it's close and was near where she was headed on errands. The area does get a lot of visitors, which became quite obvious given how the many deer she saw behaved, standing their ground as a human walked by. She used Clario to take an across the meadow shotof four grazing, and then again for a zoom-in shot of a two that were closer to the trail. Feels good to get out the hiking boots again...


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