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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sunrise 7:23: Old Menlo Park

Having the luxury of time this morning, the female Dawn Jogger decided to walk to her appointment in downtown Menlo Park and back. She grew up in the town during the post World War II building boom in which ranch style homes were build on land she presumes were either orchards or oak woodlands. These are now slowly being replaced by mini mansions just as they replaced small bungalows. A few bungalows remain - possibly the former summer homes of San Franciscans or tradesmens homes. The one pictured is on Santa Cruz Avenue about a block from Fremont Park, the training site for 40,0000 troops during the first World War. Given it's location, it could have been an officer's residence. The lot is deep and she predicts it will also be replaced. It's been interesting to watch a suburb evolve...


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