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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sunrise 6:49: All about contrails

The subject of contrails - what they are and how the get there - was one of the topics of discussion on the KFOG Morning Show this morning, which the female Dawn Jogger was listening to as she circled Lake Lagunita. (Water is still being pumped into the lake and a few good rains could mean a real lake this year.) When you jog at dawn, seeing contrails isn't unusual and they can be quite pretty in pink as the sun rises. The female DJ agreed with the KFOG crew that there did some like more than usual this morning. From the callers, evidently there are folks who think that contrails are gases released into the atmosphere to affect mind control. A bit unclear on what they're trying to make us think and the idea seems far-fetched to the female DJ. A science teacher phoned in with the reminder that contrails are formed from water vapor (acted on by airplanes). The male DJ says the explanation is more complex than that. Sometimes running at dawn makes you think of things you had no intention of thinking about...


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