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Friday, November 09, 2007

Sunrise 7:06: Jog through the Academy

The female Dawn Jogger is in Hudson, Ohio, where the male DJ is attending the Board of Visitors meeting of Western Reserve Academy, which he attended. Hudson remains a gem of a cute town even with it's Disneyfied new downtown shopping area (the female DJ will stick the original Main Street later this afternoon). And the Academy is a great place to jog, using the cross country course and a number of scenic loops around the playing fields and historic buildings. It was founded as a college and an academy in 1826 by David Hudson of Yale. The college became involved with the Underground Railroad and the anti-slavery movement 28 years before the Civil War began and was the home of the third observatory in the U.S. (and now the second oldest). Today, the Academy is a coed prep school, and the female DJ caught the students going into chapel. It's an activity that the male DJ remembers well during his era when the school was just boys...


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