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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sunrise 7:26: From dawn 'til dusk

Yes, one of those days when early morning wake up turns into late night ending. But there was a sort of "first blush" walk. After an early arrival at UCSF for the male DJ's MRI and check-in with Chang and company, the female DJ walked around Golden Gate Park, remembering her childhood and the Reid families affinity to the park (the Conservatory of Flowers somehow seemed less forbidding from a child's eyes). Then a lunch rendezvous with Reid family descendants. OK, it was a full day, Dave R, and now off to NYC tomorrow...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Linda, I am glad that you got see and have Lunch with Kelly, Jim & karen. Thanks for all of your help and support with all of them.

David R

7:39 AM  

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