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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sunrise 7:19: SF neighborhood (very wet) walk

The Dawn Joggers head up to the Osher Center and UCSF Zion early this morning. While the male DJ works with Heidi on physical therapy, the female DJ plans a walk around the Western Addition, including Alamo Square.

Evening postscript: some things get wet and take awhile. There were rain showers on and off as the DJs made their way to to the city today. So the female DJ felt that any precipitation that came her way would be minor as she headed out on a 3-mile loop starting from Divisdero and Bush. She guessed wrong - and so did the tourists who came to Alamo Square to photograph the famous scene of the row of Victorian houses in the foreground and the Transamerica Pyramid in the distance. To say she got drenched is an understatement...


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