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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunrise 6:16: Ken or Jerry should have lived here

For many years, the Dawn Joggers and Cassie ran by a storybook-like property on Stanford Ave. in Menlo Park on their Tues/Thurs. route. Cassie and the female DJ went by it on their walk around the neighborhood today. The property is made up of a number small irregularly shaped buildings connected by multi-colored tile, including what looks like a little water tower. The female DJ thinks she heard the home were first constructed in the 20s and have been added on to Winchester Mystery house like ever since. Between WWI and WWI many cabins were built in a three block radius in this area of Menlo, including the one Ken Kesey lived in before moving to La Honda. Also just a block away was the Chateau on Santa Cruz Avenue (is it still there, Michael R.?) where Jerry Garcia and early members of the Dead lived in the mid-60s. Kind of fun to think of who lived in the storybook houses when the entire neighborhood was known as "little Bohemia" and all night block parties took place...


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