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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sunrise 6:12: Late but enthused adapter

The female Dawn Jogger has long preferred the songs of the morning - birds, water, gardeners, even trucks - to music, so except for Saturdays (when she first listened to the weekly Johnny Otis Show and more recently KFOG's 10 at 10 marathon) she's run without "things in her ears." But that's changing. The male DJ gave her a mini iPod shuffle for Christmas (much lighter than her pre-Nano regular iPod - and it seemed the perfect solution to listening to all three Pink Martini albums back to back, something she was enjoying doing after the DJs saw the group live. That gave her the inspiration to swap out music in the mini, doing themed shows. Yes, just like she could on the larger iPod but it's just 'press and go' for the theme of the week. Now playing, 'freedom songs' with Mavis Staples latest album leading the way...


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