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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sunrise 6:05: Joyful Paris morning

The Dawn Joggers saw something this morning that they hadn't seen together in some time - the first blush of the sunrise. This occurred from their airplane about an hour outside of Paris. A number of photos were taken from a very dirty window - but none worth showing.

They're plane arrived a good 30 minutes early, and as they were whisked into town in the the usual Paris traffic, they were faced with either getting cranky about the fact "you're room is not ready" or seeing Paris on an early Saturday morning in a way that few Parisians do. So they headed out from the Place des Vosges (where their hotel is located) to the Ile de la Citie and finally to Notre Dame. This cathedral is one that they've rarely been called to visit, but the Episcopalian catholic female DJ, thought "there's no harm in lighting one of those mega Virgin Mary candles." And so she did.

The day was capped off with a female chef at a local bistro cooking one of the best starters they'd ever had - a mushroom provencale. The big bonus: between the early morning walk and the last afternoon errands, the male DJ walked about five miles...


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