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Friday, May 25, 2007

Sunrise 5:58: Above the vines

The female Dawn Jogger finally gets it - the villages of the Maconnais are primarily in a valley (partially Le Val Lamartinen). So a walk means up. After the morning spent in the nice town of Tournus (she could picture living there and getting up every morning and jogging the path along the Saone), she headed out after lunch from Chateau d'Ige following a familiar yellow footpath sign marked 2 kilometers to Chateau la Bruyere, a fanciful complex still in the winemaking business. Continuing on, she got higher than the vines to pastures before eventually descending through a forest back to the vineyards above Ige. It was a good workout, thanks to the climb. The church in Ige is marked with a Star of David for reasons undiscovered...


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