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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunrise 7:24: Door doctor

If there weren't enough doctors in their life at the moment, the Dawn Joggers used much of today to catch up on the remaining items to complete their bedroom and bathroom remodel. A number of vexing issues confront them. One is the number of holes in the French door that leads from the bedroom to the bathroom. It was made by one of the most reputable door/window companies in the country, Kolbe and Kolbe. But the contractor as well as the DJs were stumped at what kind of door handle/lock would require as many holes as were drilled into the door. So they took a digital picture and set off to the preeminent "door doctor" on the Peninsula. Well, not a doctor per se, but the store that has more door handles (as well as pulls etc.) than any other place. The mystery remains: after looking at four dozen possiblities and going through more catalogs, the store clerk could only advise the DJs to "call the manufacturer."


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