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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sunrise 5:55 am: Good weather art

Both of the Dawn Joggers began their careers at daily newspapers at a time when each of their respective publications was at its heydey (or probably more accurately, one of its heydeys). The female DJ was the Los Angeles Times during the period that publisher Otis Chandler was tranforming it from a local newspaper into a national voice; the male DJ was at the Los Angeles Herald Examiner when one of the great newspaperman of the 20th century, Jim Bellows, was at the helm as editor. How does this tie into their Saturday Dish run? It was warm today, particularly along the concrete stretches, and the drinking fountain on the Dish property was particularly welcome. Standing there, the female DJ, thought, "Perfect 'weather art' shot." 'Weather art' was an assignment given to a photog (as they were called), usually, but not always, when it was very hot or very cold to go out and shoot something that showed the weather. The classic weather shot is children playing in water from an open fire hydrant. Being the professional photographer he is, the male DJ trumped the female DJ with a more interesting 'weather art' shot of a homeless man enjoying some shade near the Stanford community garden. Note: the male DJ has recently uploaded a selection of his black and white portfolio; those from the 70s include two 'weather art' shots.


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