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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Sunrise 6:15: Light and shadows in the village

The Dawn Joggers headed out early this morning to the weekly market in nearby Cluny, hoping to avoid the crowds they encountered last weekend. It gave them more time to browse the stalls and pick out the ingredients for what the male DJ is cooking tonight (poulet nicoise). They came back and did their circuit around Ameungy, with the female DJ extending her mileage a bit by coming back through Taize, where a new group of young people have gathered (although not in the numbers seen last weekend). Just a few doors down from the house where they're staying is a large property (marked "prive") with a tower that was casting interesting light across a double door, captured in photo by the male DJ. There's a series of Ameugny photos linked from the male DJ's blog...




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