First Blush

Reflections and sightings from [almost] daily jogging at dawn

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sunrise 6:28: Challenge brings possibility

Continuing their their determine to share an outing while exercising separately on Saturday mornings, the Dawn Joggers headed out to Windy Hill Open Space. Like all the areas they hiked together, always with Cassie the Australian Shepherd in tow, it's bittersweet to return to ground much traveled before the male DJ was diagnosed. The area provides a wide path with a slight grade at the base of the open space which was where the male DJ did his out and back. The female DJ headed up on an alternative path and was a little less than half way up the spine to the top when it was time for her to turn around. The surprise - how easily she made it to that point. She'd seen people jogging Windy but had never thought it was something she could do. But now she's set a goal for a future Saturday to make it to the top. Like the male DJ, her thoughts are much filled with Mike whose memorial is this afternoon...


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