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Friday, January 25, 2008

Sunrise 7:19: A very satisfactory pet

There was no more joy-filled member of the Dawn Community than Cassie the Australian Shepherd, brought home by the male DJ from a ranch in Galt as an 9-week-old puppy in February, 1994. From the age of six months on, she accompanied the DJs each morning and on their longer weekend hikes (pictured her on a spring, 2006 outing). A herding dog by breeding, she was an enthusiastic trail companion. The last year meant short walks rather than runs, but each and every sniff along the way continued to be enjoyed.

"A very satisfactory pet, don't you think?" the male DJ would often repeat in the same understated way Nan would use describing some particularly successful flower or plant in her Hillview Drive backyard. Cassie was, of course, not just satisfactory, but superb. And while her heart and ultimate loyalty belonged to the male DJ, her cheery disposition made each and every person in her wide circle of family and friends feel special - that she was happy to see them, in particular.

Today the 14 years of companionship ended. Her decline had been steady for some time, but the end came more suddenly the DJs were prepared for. Always to be missed and never to be forgotten...


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