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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sunrise 6:33: Friendly face of the Dish

While Cassie the Australian Shepherd has grown to old for runs - and the male Dawn Jogger continues to work on getting his strength and gait back - it is still a rare Saturday morning that the female DJ doesn't feel some pangs of loneliness when doing the "long Dish route." This was the route that the three of them enjoyed from 1994 when Cassie was youngster through the restricted access and ban on dogs mandate in 2001 (or was it 2002?). Their Saturday outings took different routes until Cassie's 'retirement' from long jogs in 2005, at which point the DJs returned to the Dish. On her solo runs, the female DJ misses the male DJ's explanation of what the radio antennas might be measuring and the exuberance of a young Cassie racing up and back on a particularly long Dish mud puddle. She's saddened when important Dish encounters like the sighting of the bobcat aren't shared. There is one constant cheer up on her route - the smile and wave of a Stanford security patrolman named Scott. She hadn't seen him since the Dish reopened following the fire - there had been another officer on duty. So she was glad to see his friendly face this morning. He was good enough to pose for a photo...


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