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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sunrise 6:02 am: Proliferation of bikes

The Dawn Joggers are vexed by the proliferation of bikes tethered randomly along their jogging route. The white black (top), which used to be a black bike until its seat was stolen, has been a fixture on one side of the other of Sand Hill Road for over a year. It was joined a couple of weeks back by another bike (middle) that's taken up residence about 50 yards from the white back at the bottom of Avy Street. Then on Monday, a new bike (bottom) appeared at the edge of Stanford's Arboretum adjacent to one of the hospital parking lots. They waited until today to confirm that these were keepers and recording new pictures. The mystery of the bikes remains: why are they where they are and who ones them? Part of what baffles the DJs iss that given the many bike racks in the area, particularly on campus, why these bike owners have chosen to tether them elsewhere. The male DJ has begun to studiously examine the locks to gauge if the bikes get moved during the 24 hour period between dawn jogs.


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